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AKARZ Natural Aloe Essential Oil

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Aloe Vera Oil

Main ingredients: Aloe polysaccharide, protein, amino acids, etc. 

Aloe oil is a natural vegetable oil containing C12~C14 fatty acids and 169 different therapeutic compounds. It has several applications in food, cosmetics, medicine, chemistry, and other sectors.

Skin: all types of skin, notably oily skin and skin prone to breakouts. inflammation, is highly beneficial.

Function: Natural colloidal ingredient, water retention in wood (lignin), with high osmotic components, can aid in the penetration of nutrients. into the skin of Gleditsia Sinensis. Lam Saponons has powerful cleansing and antibacterial properties, and natural saponins with anthraquinone complexes have antiphlogistic, detumescent, suppresses bacterial growth, antipruritic, and analgesic properties. Directly with moisturising, whitening, anti-aging, anti-allergy, and other cosmetic effects.

Furthermore, pathogenic microbes and bacteria are repressed by the skin surface in order to kill hazardous to human skin mites, prevent surface microbial proliferation, and prevent skin illnesses. Balance, restrict sebum secretion, and wound healing for oily skin. Aloe oil contains anti-tumour properties and is effective against Heps, S180, ESC, and B16 melanoma tumours.

Aromatherapy: Aloe oil is derived from Aloe clear jelly and It comprises a moisturising ingredient, a thickening agent, and a wetting agent. for the generation of emulsions (liposomes). which includes the pure oil of aloe condensate, may provide deeper moisture and nutrients in the skin after the loss of moisture, and swiftly repair damaged cells, stimulate cell regeneration, and make your skin recover health.


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