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AKARZ Natural Arnebia Root Essential Oil

$ 21.95 AUD $ 29.95 AUD
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Essential Oil Type: Carrier Oil 

Model Number: AJ328 

Ingredient: Arnebia Root essential oil 

Country/Region of Manufacture: China 

Certificate Number: ISO/9842_2005_73658

AKARZ aroma combines the essence of the world's best plants. Plants use "magic." the birth of rare aromatic products, so that the soul and the skin has excellent magic!

About AKARZ The "AKARZ" technology provided by the Greek oil company AKAROIZA, France's YSECI group, is responsible for the development and testing. "AKARZ" brand entered Asia in just a few short years' time, quickly covering a second tier of cities in Asia's top shopping malls. The current Asia has more than four hundred image counters. Due to spare no effort in the TV and fashion magazines, network communication, and other various media promotion oil culture, AKARZ has become synonymous with professional oil, AKARZ "Ruili", "Fashion", "Elle", and "Yue" high-end fashion magazines in open oil column, and in a large number of beauty websites and forums, various introductions and evaluations, 2015's successful landing of Asian each big city has become the focus of attention and acclaim.

Essential oil use method Aromatherapy With the fragrance lamp, incense burner, humidifiers, and other tools, in the aroma volatile tool container, add the appropriate amount of water, according to the concentration needed to drop into the amount of oil.

Massage will be the essential oils on the skin, massage can be done

DIY In each use of facial cleanser, face cream, shampoo, or shower gel, you can add one or two drops of essential oil

Product type: Essential Oils

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