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AKARZ Natural Avocado Essential Oil

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Avocado oil, produced from the fruit using the dry technique, has a high nutritional value. The oil's moisture qualities make it ideal for use on dry skin. It is not suggested to use alone; rather, a mixture of 10% and jojoba oil can be used. 


Contains more vitamin D than eggs, is ideal for dry, fragile, sun-damaged skin, swelling of the skin, increases skin elasticity, water loss, and lack of elastic muscular skin, and promotes hair development.


Aroma: medium-bodied, with hints of oil, sweetness, and fruit flavour.

Ingredients: Minerals, protein, vitamins A, B, B2, D, E and lecithin.

Characteristics: Aroma of sweet fruit with hints of oil and fruit. The darker, green colour is not suited for usage alone.


In conclusion, the dry fruit press provides a high level of nutrients. Avocado oil, nutrient-rich and thick in texture, belongs to the base oil penetration depth. Avocado oil is ideal for dry skin, sensitivity, water scarcity, and eczema. When used, it may have a profound cleaning effect, diminish spots, remove wrinkles, and have a very excellent impact.


Avocado oil, which is high in vitamin A, E, and C and is generated through avocado nuclear extraction, may effectively alleviate the skin's dryness and ageing, making it suited for neutral, dry, and mixed partial dry skin. Avocado oil, which is a very good natural antioxidant, can be added 10% in base oil to improve the skin absorption impact of essential oils. Avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol, prevent blood vessel blockage, and avoid heart disease and hypertension. Our regular diet contains too much fat, cholesterol, and sodium salt, which contributes significantly to the rise in the number of middle-aged persons.


Furthermore, avocado oil includes a lot of vitamin E, Hamamelis, and lecithin, which may assist the skin enhance resistance, hydration, moisture, easy penetration, and anti-aging impact. Sweet fruit, with a hint of oil and fruit flavour, tastes better.


A deep green that is high in vital fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, carotenoids, and minerals, and is particularly nutritious and easily absorbed.


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