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AKARZ Natural Borage Essential Oil

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Borage is often referred to as Starflower. Borage is an annual plant native to Europe's Mediterranean coast that has been used for seven hundred years. Do more for vegetables, cooked or raw; leaves, blossoms, and seeds are high in nutrients and therapeutic value. Borage has many medical benefits, and for many years, people have been spreading the therapeutic efficacy of borage. Later, it was discovered that the seeds from containing high amounts of gamma linolenic acid, and given a higher medical evaluation, this is because gamma linolenic acid has been shown to treat a variety of diseases GLA; component in addition has a strong role to prevent blood clots, has also been shown to lower blood pressure.


Borage blossom is blue, and it is utilised as the country’s main cancer fundraising activity emblem in the United Kingdom. Borage and noble properties may come from its high calcium, potassium, and mineral content, which has recently been associated with the most well-known borage seed oil. Because borage oil contains Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, the gamma linolenic acid GLA essential fatty acid, which is only found in breast milk to the acid, reached a high concentration of 25%-30%, is also a natural vegetable oil containing the highest concentrations of GLA, about 5 times the average month 2-2 grass oil (borage oil 20-26 percent containing GLA; GLA content may see grass oil only 7-9 percent). This fatty acid is generated by the human body in order to make prostaglandin PGE1.


Borage is a great source of gamma linolenic acid, with the seed accounting for 20-26 percent of the acid content. Borage as a study and cancer treatment using gamma linoleic acid has no negative side effects.


Borage oil is produced by pressing or low-temperature extraction of borage seeds. Natural gamma linolenic acid (Omega 6 GLA) content to boost female hormone health. Borage oil can help women improve their hormone health and ease menstruation and menopausal symptoms naturally. It can assist women of all ages, including teenagers and the elderly, because it can enhance and help control the hormonal cycle of women.


Composition: Pale yellow, high in GLA, is used to preserve healthy skin and restore vital fatty acids damaged by the sun.

Skin compatibility: Suitable for all skin types, especially aged skin.

Primary efficacy: Premenstrual syndrome, multiple sclerosis, menopause, heart disease, psoriasis, eczema, and premature skin ageing can all renew and stimulate the skin.

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