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AKARZ Natural Cactus Seeds Essential Oil

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Beauty Care

The oil from cactus seeds is high in fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin E, and phenolic compounds. A considerable number of important fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic acid are not found in the body and must be derived from fat. The research on the use of linoleic acid in the skin to combat inflammation, decrease acne, and moisturising function has evident impact; and essential fatty acid shortage can contribute to premature ageing of skin and wrinkles; Cactus seed oil has been scientifically confirmed to have twice the amount of vitamin E, with vitamin E deficiency symptoms such as hair dryness, hair loss, wound healing, and so on. Cactus seeds oil also includes uncommon plant species, which can help soften the skin, stimulate the pores, and repair the natural lipid barrier. Polyphenols are recognised as antioxidants; they can not only postpone skin ageing, but also extend the role of other antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and time.



Traditional cactus seed oil is used to preserve the liver or blood circulation agents such as excessive cholesterol and atherosclerosis, it is a very effective tonic, and some believe it is an aphrodisiac. It can boost the body's resistance. Cactus seeds oil also contains unique plant species that have never been identified in other oils. Essential fatty acids influence cell mobility, aid in the prevention of moisture loss from the skin, nose, lungs, digestive system, and brain, and work on prostaglandins to reduce pain and swelling and enhance blood circulation.


Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Cactus seed oil, which is high in cholesterol and polyphenols, and other components in Anti-Wrinkle Cream can assist skin metabolism and slow the ageing process. Plant sterols soften the skin, promote the pores' detoxification, and restore the skin's natural lipid barrier; and polyphenolic compounds as antioxidants are well-known for their anti-free radical, anti-wrinkle, and anti-freckle properties.


Moisture replenishment

Natural high vitamin E content and important fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, in cactus seeds oil may effectively restore and retain skin moisture, heal dry and rough skin; cactus seeds oil can be swiftly absorbed by the skin, leaving your skin supple and lustrous.


Hair maintenance

The cactus seeds oil painting in the hand kneading and then smear the ends of the hair may boost the hair nutrition, cactus seeds oil is rich in vitamin E can repair the hair dry, bifurcation, and prevent dandruff. Cactus seeds oil is best used for hair care, hair care, hair care is not cheap, but the effect is very significant, many hair problems such as dry hair, lack of lustre, and hair curl can be effectively resolved through the use of this magical oil, these hair damage can be effectively resolved the reason is not only cactus seeds oil has more vitamin E than aloe vera and Omega3, it is also rich in Omega and 6, which can provide a support to the hair, Morocco cactus seeds oil has the following advantages:


-       Because cactus seed oil is high in Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, as well as other unsaturated fatty acids, it is easier to absorb and heal damaged hair and hair follicles.

-       It has the potential to improve hair lustre.

-       Unlike other hair oils, cactus seed oil is non-greasy and can help reduce hair curling and hair loss.

-       Cactus seed oil does not stimulate, but it can soften the hair.

-       Used to treat hair that has been damaged by other chemical agents;

-       Cactus seed oil may be absorbed quickly by the hair, allowing the hair to absorb moisture.

-       It may also be used as a protective layer of damaging UV protection, ensuring that hair is not exposed to environmental pollutants.

-       Cactus seed oil has a considerable influence on hair development due to its high vitamin E concentration.

-       Prevent hair forking and hair loss

-       Chilblain treatment has unique consequences.

-       Cactus seed oil is high in sterols, polyphenols, squalene, and vitamin E and is effective in the prevention and treatment of frostbite, skin cracking, skin disorders, and other skin issues.


Scar and acne healing

Cactus seed oil, which contains squalene and other substances, has been shown to be effective against skin cancer and is extensively used in the treatment of acne, acne and general staining, and the prevention of newborns. It can also aid with scar healing.


Skin care items for mothers and infants

Cactus seeds oil is helpful for baby's sensitive skin goods, helping to cope with dry skin, and easing the flush.


Cuticle softening

Applying a few drops of cactus seed oil to your nails or skin and gently rubbing it in will successfully safeguard your brittle nails and soften your body's great aged skin.

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