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AKARZ Natural Kukui Nut Essential Oil

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The Ishikuri tree is Hawaii's state tree; from the seeds of the tree Aleurites oil press, the locals use it for many hundred years before it was recently distributed all over the world. Apply straight to the skin to freshen and soothe it, leaving no greasy behind. Ishikuri oil is excellent for all skin types and may offer hydration and nourishment to dry, mature, and damaged skin.

Ishikuri trees were pioneers on the Polynesian island of Hawaii, and they quickly became the state tree, the tree of "enlightenment." Traditionally, the locals used oil nut daub on newborns' skin to protect it from the sun, salt, and other elements. Furthermore, the oil is utilised to cure skin allergies, candlenuts, injuries, and burns. The royal family uses it as a massage oil and may massage for up to 7-8 hours!

Applications for Aromatherapy Skin Care
Ishikuri oil is a type of great moisturising ingredient that can swiftly permeate the skin, leaving it silky smooth and non-greasy. It is frequently used to rescue dry, injured skin and, because to its quick absorption, can provide relief nearly instantly. Even the roughest and driest skin may be smoothed, softened, and hydrated.

Ishikuri oil includes vitamins A, C, and E, as well as alpha linolenic acid and essential fatty acids; these chemicals may antioxidant and protect the skin; apply to the bottom of the skin, and it can permeate the skin, building a protective layer and locking moisture. Bankoul nut oil is good for sensitive skin and may be used to body products.

In particular, the following symptoms apply:

Sunburn, radiation burns, high temperature burns, wind chapped

Eczema, psoriasis, acne

Dry skin

Dry hair and scalp

Premature Senility of skin


Ishikuri oil is a high-quality base oil that may be used in a number of skin care products, including cream, cream, and massage oil. If produced items are not exposed to high temperatures during the modulation of heating, cooling, and other expenses to finish the add oil nut. It may also be applied to dry hair and scalp, dripped into a bath tub while bathing, and used to create a wonderful bath.

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