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AKARZ Natural Olive Essential Oil

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AKARZ Natural Aromatherapy Olive Oil - Remove Wrinkles - Sunscreen - Nourish Skin - Protect Hair



Main Effects

1. Anti-Chapping

Experts recommend that all pregnant women apply the area surrounding the nipple with the appropriate amount of olive oil two weeks before birth and a week before. Because many new moms seem to have cracked nails during the nursing period, and skin elasticity surrounding the nipple is insufficient, there is a strong association. Olive oil applied around the nipple skin can effectively strengthen the elastic, preventing chapped nipples.

Furthermore, the smearing of olive oil can frequently allow the nipple epidermis and fouling to be soaked away. It can not only help avoid cracked nipples, but it can also help colostrum flow more smoothly.

2. Stretch Mark Prevention

Many pregnant women will have stretch marks on their stomachs and breasts after childbirth, according to doctors. This is because the uterus expands during pregnancy, causing skin cells and tissues to stretch. Many moms are afflicted by stretch marks. Nevertheless, the stretch marks may be eliminated, but it requires time and a specific treatment. However, many pregnant women are unaware that olive oil can help prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Before the skin cells and tissues have been distracted, a pregnant lady can typically cover the belly and chest with olive oil at this stage. After a while, you will notice that your skin"s suppleness has substantially improved, allowing you to successfully prevent stretch marks.

3. Constipation Therapy

Many pregnant women have constipation for a number of reasons throughout pregnancy. The effects of constipation on pregnant women and foetuses are extremely bad. During this period, pregnant women may desire to consume a small amount of olive oil to successfully ease and cure constipation. Furthermore, pregnant women should focus on developing the habit of drinking more water so that the situation may be improved to dry stool.

The importance of health

1. Increase blood circulation

Olive oil can help avoid the problems of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, as well as hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, and brain hemorrhage. In the case of Artemis P Simipoulos, "MIGA"s health. "A simple project for long-term survival, "A book noted that edible oil omega - 6 fatty acids constrict the arteries, forcing the heart to overload, resulting in hypertension. And because olive oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, it can boost the quantity of nitric oxide, a very essential chemical element, allowing you to relax your arteries and avoid arterial damage caused by hypertension. In addition, Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent blood clots in two ways. First, it may reduce platelet viscosity, causing platelets and fibrin to not wind together; second, Omega - 3 fatty acids can reduce the quantity of fibrinogen, lowering the risk of thrombosis significantly.

2. Enhance Digestive System Function

Olive oil has more unsaturated fatty acids than any other vegetable oil, is high in vitamin A, D, E, F, K, and carotene, as well as other fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, and other components, and does not include cholesterol. Therefore, human digestive absorption is high. It can promote bile production, trypsin activity, lipid breakdown, and absorption by the intestinal mucosa to minimise the incidence of cholecystitis and gallstones. Long-term intake of Runchang function can successfully cure constipation.

3. Safeguard the Skin

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, K, a, D, and other phenolic antioxidants found in olive oil, may eliminate facial wrinkles, prevent skin ageing, have the effect of skin and hair care, and prevention of hand and foot chap, etc., can "eat" cosmetics and skincare products, etc.

4. Enhance Endocrine System Performance

Olive oil can help the body"s metabolic function. This is due to the fact that olive oil contains more than 80% monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids, DHA. When the cell membrane unsaturated fatty acid content is high, the activity is stronger; when the double bond number is high, the activity is stronger. And because DHA has the most unsaturated fatty acids (6double bonds), it is the most active cell membrane. The number of active cell membrane insulin receptors increases insulin sensitivity. When the human body has the proper number of fatty acids, the metabolism becomes more normal, and the prevalence of obesity and diabetes decreases. According to the most recent research findings, the body of a healthy individual may lower its glucose concentration by 12% by eating olive oil. As a result, olive oil is now the best edible oil for preventing and controlling diabetes.

5. The Advantages of the Skeletal System

Natural antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids in olive oil are beneficial to the human body for mineral absorption such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and others, which can promote bone growth. Omega 3 fatty acids also help to maintain bone density, which decreases due to free radicals, highly reactive molecules) of osteoporosis.

6. Anti-Cancer Activity

In addition to the highly required nutrients, due to the quantity of linoleic acid, olive oil contains rich single unsaturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids have been linked to cancer in metabolic enzymes and cell membranes.

7. Anti-Radiation Feature

Because olive oil contains polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide components, there is a function of olive oil and radiation, so olive oil is frequently used to produce astronaut food. The computer is frequently used for skin care and health care. Before using the computer for an extended period of time, massage the face and eyes with olive oil. You can also use an olive oil-rich bath to accomplish the same effect. Because the composition of olive oil and bay oil differs, the radiation effects are also variable.

8. Anti-Aging.

Among the numerous components of olive oil, carotene and chlorophyll give olive oil its yellow green colour, while chlorophyll helps with metabolism, cell development, and wound healing. It also helps to improve people"s looks by reducing wrinkle development. Experiment results demonstrate that antioxidants in olive oil may remove free radicals, restore the health of human organs, prevent brain ageing, and improve lifespan.

9. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention

Olive oil helps protect the cardiovascular system in a variety of ways, including lowering the incidence of inflammation by lowering the amino acids (a type of amino acid that can damage the coronary arteries) and minimising arterial wall damage. By boosting nitric oxide levels in the circulation and decreasing blood pressure. Olive oil"s monounsaturated fatty acids help lower LDL cholesterol oxidation. Squalene compounds included in olive oil can enhance the content of HDL (good cholesterol), decrease the content of LDL (bad cholesterol), and the higher the number of HDL cholesterol in the human body, the lower the number of arteries in the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. According to recent studies, when middle-aged men consume olive oil, their average cholesterol drops by 13%, while their harmful"bad" cholesterol drops by 21%. By raising the body"s Omega 3 fatty acid concentration, olive oil helps slow the production of blood clots.

10. Olive Oil and High Blood Pressure

Arteriosclerotic hypertension is a kind of hypertension. High blood pressure occurs when human blood pressure measurements persist in the 140/90 mm Hg range or higher. Hypertension is a major risk factor for the development of atherosclerosis. It is a serious health issue in industrialised countries, with high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and diabetes. Lifestyle, like other risk variables, has a direct influence on hypertension. One-quarter of adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure raises the risk of premature mortality due to its arterial supply to the human body, particularly the heart, kidneys, brain, and blood flow to the eye. It is unclear which components of the Mediterranean diet play a role in blood pressure reduction. However, there is evidence that the addition of olive oil to the diet has no effect on any other type of blood pressure-lowering action. Regular use of olive oil can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the heart. There is evidence that the daily dose of antihypertensive medicines can be lowered while consuming olive oil. This might be related to polyphenols causing a drop in nitrate levels.

11. Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, namely oleic acid. It can raise high density lipoprotein cholesterol, a beneficial cholesterol in the bloodstream, while decreasing bad cholesterol. It also has an anti-inflammatory impact, which is beneficial to the vessels and joints, and it is high in plant Zi alcohols and polyphenols, which have anti-cancer properties.

Beauty Value

1. olive oil"s distinct attractiveness

After washing your face, rub it gently with olive oil before steaming or using a hot cloth. The naked eye cannot look within the pores to eliminate filth, nourish the skin, enhance lustre and elasticity, and eradicate fine lines and wrinkles, according to Fumian.

As long as you apply a little quantity of olive oil, the guangrunlips may be restored. Hair shampoo, add a little amount of olive oil in warm water, rinse, the oil will be equally connected to the hair, but you can also drop a few drops of direct smear hair, which will make the hair lustrous and supple. [foundation] A little olive oil before wiping the foundation, then the nourishment of the skin, can prevent the powder from coming off. [] makeup remover, gently wiping the face with olive oil, may effectively remove the paint and chemicals, protecting the face from erosion. In the dry season, olive oilcan help prevent chapped skin and irritation caused by insufficient sebum secretion. Infant skin care baby skin sensitive, in the armpit, buttocks, and other areas coated with olive oil, can prevent perspiration or urine from covering the baby"s skin.

2. Numerous Olive Oil Skin Care Methods:

a) Washing oil: a few drops of olive oil on your fingers, gently massaged with a finger pulp, and then applied with a steaming face or towel may eliminate the pores" invisible filth, boost the lustre and flexibility of the skin, nourish the skin, and erase fine wrinkles.

b) Daily lip: when the weather suddenly turns cold, the flu or a sick stomach, some individuals frequently have chapped lips; at this time, in addition to drinking plenty of water, massaged with olive oil can fix the problem. Make your lips recreate guangrun on the second or third day. With a cotton swab dipped in a little amount of olive oil, uniformly coat the lip to preserve moisture, erase and postpone the emergence of lip wrinkles, and prevent peeling and cracked lips. The weather suddenly turns cold, sick or with a terrible stomach, commonly for peeling lips splitanguish, if massaged with a small amount of the goods, may make lips smooth after two or three days.

c) Daily skin care: wash the skin with olive oil and gently massage it into the skin until it is entirely absorbed. This is very good for maintaining moisture and nourishing the skin.

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