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AKARZ Natural Peach Kernel Essential Oil

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Extraction method: Cold pressure extraction

Ingredients: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, and minerals and GLA.

Characteristics: Light yellow, sweet almond oil is thick, sticky, with some of the characteristics of nutrition, ease, and treatment

Summary: From apricot kernels, a prolific in Central Asia, Turkey area. Often mixed with sweet almond oil.

Application: A sallow skin or facial peeling phenomenon are very suitable for; to seriously ill and frail skin is also very helpful; help soothe tight body, premature skin, sensitive, dry, irritated, add 10 to 50%.

Intended for: All skin types, particularly sensitive or dry skin, can benefit from hydration and improved skin texture. It is also excellent for the deployment of oil or lotion for the maintenance of the face. Very high in nutrients and moisture. Premature ageing beneficial, sensitive, inflamed and swollen, and difficulties or dry skin appropriate concentration: 100% of the time, but generally in the 10-50%, the illness yellow skin, due of its nutrition and corrosion features of [1] and treatment Almond oil can help relieve muscle tension and is particularly well-suited to massage.

Formulation reference

Neroli (2 drops) + Rose (2 drops) + rosemary (1 drops),

Rose (2 drops) + frankincense (2 drops) + Lavender (1 drops)

Base oil: apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil 2ml + 2ml + Primrose Oil 1ml

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