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AKARZ Natural Sea Bucktborn Carrier Oil

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Sea buckthorn oil is a natural oil derived from the fruits of the Hippophae rhamnoides l. plant. In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, the fruit includes vitamins, flavonoids, sterols, trace elements, alpha tocopherol, and over a hundred other biologically active compounds. Sea buckthorn fruit oil content was around 1.5 percent, with the pulp and peel residue contributing for about 33 percent of the total oil pulp and peel residue accounting for about 24 percent of the seed oil.



The physical qualities of sea buckthorn oil from different portions of the sea buckthorn fruit are not precisely the same, as at 15 DEG C, pulp oil and pomace oil condense into solid, but sea buckthorn seed oil is clear and transparent liquid. Mixed liquid, hexane, and halogenated organic solvents such as oil soluble in propane and butane are examples of such solvents.



Tocopherol in sea buckthorn oil has a protective effect on the skin, protecting the cell membrane in the unsaturated fatty acid from oxidation under light, heat, and radiation conditions, preventing allergies, wrinkles, and lipofuscin build-up, and improving microcirculation. The findings revealed that sea buckthorn oil had a greater effect than vitamin E in preventing lipid peroxidation in the animal body. To prevent epithelial cells keratinocytes or rough skin, beta carotene can be absorbed directly through the skin and converted to vitamin A and skin nourishment. Unsaturated fatty acids can keep the water metabolism balanced and protect the skin from X-ray damage. Amino acids have beneficial nutritional benefits on the skin and hair. Flavonoids have biological effects and help cells to function properly.


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