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Automatic Sensing Soap/Foam Dispenser

Automatic Sensing Soap/Foam Dispenser

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This Automatic Sensing Soap/Foam Dispenser is designed to provide efficient and hygienic soap dispensing. Featuring automatic sensing, it provides quick and touchless activation for convenient and hands-free use. Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, it is a great way to maintain cleanliness with a sleek, modern design.

Battery type: Lithium battery

Rated power: 3.7V

Rated voltage: 1.5W

Charging interface: TPYE C USB

Charging parameters: 5V-1A

Charging duration: 3 hours

Number of uses: 2000 times (once fully charged)

Working mode: Infrared induction

Water bottle capacity: 2420ml

Sensing distance: 0-70mm

Waterproof grade: IPX5

Product size: 126 * 92 * 173mm

Note: The product does not contain hand sanitiser


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