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Full Face Shield Anti-fog Face Cover

Full Face Shield Anti-fog Face Cover

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- Unlike traditional masks, our Full Face Shield Anti-Fog FaceCover will shield your eyes, mouth and nose.

- Communication is critical, and it has a greater impact when it is visual. Conversations become more difficult when you are unable to display your face and, as a result, your emotions.
- Regular masks make it impossible for people to communicate regularly. Another essential factor to consider is that wearing a mask will be required for an extended period of time.
- Wearing a transparent Face Cover can make you feel much more at ease and reduce your tension (as some people feel anxious when wearing one).



Product Size: Combined with the general size design of the human face, the intimate design is the perfect size for most people, suitable for adults and teenagers, and can be used by both men and women.
Polycarbonate Lens: The product is made of environmentally protective polycarbonate lens. It has high toughness, can withstand pressure and drops, is not easy to deform and tear, and is very comfortable.
Breathing Filter Plug: The product comes with a breathing filter plug, so you will not feel stuffy even if you wear it for a long time, and breathe more easily. The design is friendly and reusable.
Silicone Seal Design: The silicone seal design is comfortable to wear. Pay attention to details and seal the mask more tightly, which can better prevent flanks from splashing.
Effective Protection: The well-designed product outline can even be used as a bicycle wind deflector. Practical design, the product is suitable for protecting eyes, nose and mouth, suitable for any indoor or outdoor activities, and can effectively prevent kitchen fumes and dust.

Material: Polycarbonate Lens
Size: 17.5×17.5x12cm. Suitable for adults and teenagers, both men and women
Design: with breathing filter plug design, silicone seal design.
Function: anti-smoke, anti-liquid, anti-dust, anti-wind, anti-sand
Instructions for use: non-disposable product, can be used repeatedly.
Application scope: Suitable for restaurants, hotels, food industry, kitchens, supermarkets and other places.

Packing List: 1×transparent protective mask 1×adjustable strap

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