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Slide Wallet RFID Blocking Carbon Fiber Card Holder

Slide Wallet RFID Blocking Carbon Fiber Card Holder

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  • Elastic band money clip: The NewBring compact credit card organiser wallet is a minimalist card holder that can handle up to 6 to 8 cards as well as some coins or cash inside. With the elastic band serving as a money clip, you can carry all the basics you need.
  • Front pocket wallets for men: The enclosed cover prevents cards or money from falling out. Aside from being waterproof, it is small enough to fit in your front or back pocket without feeling big.
  • Fine Texture: Following a series of polishing and grinding, the surface of the card holder is very smooth and scratch free, with no harsh or pointed curves.
  • RFID Blocking: NewBring carbon fibre wallet with money clip, enclosed design prevents anybody from seeing what's inside the case or scanning your credit cards. Keep your cards safe, both physically and electronically.
  • Unisex: This small card holder wallet is meant for men and women who have few cards or cash to carry and live a simple and minimalist lifestyle. As a result, the NewBring card holder wallet is an ideal present for your family or loved ones.

Note: If you find the card wallet not easy to open, please follow these instructions: Put your finger on the notch (NOT the logo side), press it lightly and push forward in the same time, it will be open easily. Please don’t put in more than 7 cards.

Pushing Open One by One

  1. Slide open the card case, the cards inside unfold one by one, easy to identify and pull out.
  2. Small size, easy to hold and fits perfectly in your pocket, comfortable to carry around.

Waterproof and RFID Blocking

  1. Enclosed design to prevent water coming in and keep cards safe and secure.
  2. RFID blocking to keep your credit card information safe and make you rest in ease.

Compact Wallet

Slim and Ultralight. Thinner than traditional wallets, only weights 65gm and is a good choice to replace bulky wallet. So slim and small that you can hardly feel its presence.

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